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Downsizing Tips for Seniors

Are you a Dallas-area senior interested in moving to a retirement community? Just looking for tips on downsizing to a smaller home but not sure where to start? For many, moving to a senior apartment or smaller home is a very smart choice – there are some major benefits to living with fewer possessions. We’ll walk through a few of those perks, plus some tactics and tricks you can use to make the whole process smoother.

How Downsizing Could Grow Your Life

Large homes are great for a lot of phases in life, like starting and raising a family. But as we age, a big house can become an unwanted drain on time and money, demanding more and more of your energy while adding relatively little to your life. Leaving your big house behind could open up a whole world of liberating ease – with no utility bills, maintenance costs or security worries to concern you, you’ll be free to do more of what you like. Whatever you choose to do, it’ll be without the added stress of homeownership. Plus, with the help of senior downsizing services, moving can be a total cakewalk.

Six Downsizing Tips for Seniors

Tip # 1: First things first. Have you decided where and how you’ll be living when you downsize your home? Are you moving away or just cleaning house? Consider your current and future care needs, as these will be what dictate which living option is right for you. The most common options for downsizing seniors include:

  • A smaller house, apartment or condominium
  • Rental-based independent and assisted living communities
  • Moving in with a family member/friend/other loved one
  • An entrance fee-based senior living community

Remember, not all senior living communities are created equal – consider one that offers a full continuum of care. You don’t want to have to downsize and move again in a few years if your needs change.

Tip # 2: Start with a plan. The more prepared you are now, the easier your downsizing journey will be. Having a clear plan with a calm, logical progression will help keep your whole family on the same page. List the steps – choosing your next home, preparing to sell, deciding what to bring and, of course, the move itself. Decide what your goals will be for each step of the process, then do your research to put your plan into action.

Tip # 3: Think now, look later. Start downsizing by drafting a list of the things you definitely want to keep and what you can get rid of, all without actually looking through your possessions. Sometimes, things seem a lot more important to us than they actually are. By thinking about what we wish to keep, we can call on the strong feelings and fond memories that tie us to our most treasured things. This can help you discern what’s really significant to you – if you don’t think of it, maybe it isn’t that important after all.

Tip # 4: Ask one simple question. As you sort through your possessions, you may find things you’re not sure if you need. While looking through your things, ask yourself this one simple question: “What’s it for?” If you can’t come up with a defined purpose for something – whether it serves a practical use or just reminds you of a happy memory – you should think about parting ways with it.

Tip # 5: Call in the professionals. Senior moving services like Moving Station can help you bridge the gap and get the downsizing job done. They know both the Dallas and national real estate markets, and some will even help you sell your home faster. You may even qualify for a short-term loan to help free up money before your home actually sells.

Tip # 6: Downsize deliberately. Can you afford to move before selling your home? If so, there’s no need to rush to toss out stuff you might want to keep. Slow down, live in your new space for a few weeks, and you’ll notice if you’re missing something. Plus, taking your time gives you more opportunity to properly dispose of recyclables. You might also donate unwanted furniture, appliances, or other things that could yield significant tax write-offs.

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Enter Edgemere

Looking after the needs of prospective residents is a big part of being a luxury senior living community. At Edgemere, we understand the unique challenges Dallas seniors face as they downsize their possessions and transition to a new chapter in life. If you’re looking for guidance in downsizing or deciding what level of living is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us. Whether or not you choose to live at our refined Preston Hollow community, we want you to be informed.