A group of Edgemere residents taking a yoga class in the community's fitness center

Mind and Body Yoga Offers Health Benefits to Edgemere Residents

National Yoga Month is held during September to educate the public about the health benefits of yoga and inspire a healthy lifestyle. The awareness campaign consists of yoga classes and other special events to celebrate the month and motivate people to practice yoga. That’s why Edgemere, a premier senior living community in Dallas, started mind and body yoga. The 50-minute class is held three times a week and features poses, meditation and breathing exercises. Residents can choose to either stand or use a chair instead of sitting on the ground. This is the first time the senior living community has offered yoga for residents to enjoy. The media is invited to attend the class on Wednesday, September 27 at 11 a.m. in the fitness center. Pat Londeree has lived at the senior living community for 16 years and tried yoga for the first time. She says she’s already noticed an improvement in her ability to focus and balance, and that’s not all. The Edgemere resident says she feels her muscles getting stronger and her posture is better.

“Yoga was always on my bucket list so I’m glad I am able to check that off,” said Londeree. “After I got over my initial giggles I realized this is a great exercise. I can see how it helps with your balance and will help prevent falls. I am very calm and relaxed when I leave the class, and it gives me the pick me up I need for the day. The meditation and breathing exercises are great. Yoga has benefits for your overall health and I am thankful the community started this class. I have tried many classes while I’ve lived at Edgemere and this is definitely one of my favorites. I’m proud of myself for trying something new and I look forward to attending additional classes in the future.”


Here are just six of the many benefits yoga has for seniors:

  • Improves balance and stability
  • Improves flexibility and joint health
  • Improves respiration
  • Reduces high blood pressure
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Encourages mindfulness

“Residents have really enjoyed coming to class and experiencing something new,” said Charles Plafcan, fitness coordinator at Edgemere. “The class challenges the body and mind through strengthening, stretching, relaxing and breathing. Flexibility and muscle tone will continually improve as their mind, body and spirit work together in harmony. The class is something a lot of residents have never done before, or didn’t think they could do. But incorporating a chair or standing gives residents the same health benefits while allowing them to be comfortable in class. It’s been a great success and we look forward to keeping yoga at the community in the future.”