Senior Uses Technology to Rouse Imaginations

A resident of Edgemere, Jack Tutterrow bemoans the question he’s asked most frequently these days – “What did you used to do?” The mechanical engineer with Harvard credentials is more active in retirement than he’s ever been, combining lifelong passions of technology and childhood education to inspire people of all ages.

For nearly two years, Tutterrow has partnered with the Dallas Afterschool Network to enhance learning through technology. Working with mostly fourth-and fifth-graders, Tutterrow has introduced them to Google Expedition, the educational platform that allows users to digitally immerse themselves in hundreds of locations around the world.

To complement the platform, students use virtual reality kits and laptops that Tutterrow donated. As they walk the streets of famous cities and explore historical sites through virtual reality, students use their computers to dive deeper into the places they’ve just visited.
The success of the afterschool program prompted Tutterrow to replicate it at home. Today, Edgemere has four virtual reality travel groups that go on monthly excursions to some of the most remote locations on Earth – without ever leaving their North Dallas community. Last year, residents even welcomed students from the afterschool program for a joint expedition to Madagascar.

As technology continues to rapidly shift, Tutterrow says he’s constantly envisioning new applications for it. Currently, he’s earning his drone certification. He and his wife plan to revisit major national parks throughout the country to create a virtual library for their children – all shot with 360-degree video from a drone-mounted camera.

Check out this video Edgemere created about Tutterrow’s passion for technology and the impact he’s had on people of all ages through the promotion of virtual reality.