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The Benefits of Senior Independent Living in Texas

There are nearly four million seniors living in Texas, and many of those older adults choose to live in one of more than 700 independent living communities like Edgemere. These communities offer an ideal way for many to grow and flourish. Here’s what you need to know about independent living options for seniors in Texas.

What Is Independent Living for Seniors?

Independent living communities can provide seniors with an enriching environment in which to spend some of the best years of their lives. Residents in independent living aged 62 and older have a variety of customized private residences to choose from with access to community recreation and services. Community members can live as they see fit while reducing the amount of time they spend on common household chores like housekeeping and home maintenance. It also provides the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals at a similar stage of life. 

Benefits of Independent Living

There are a wide variety of amenities available that make an independent living community the perfect way to spend your retirement. Additionally, on-site health services offer premier support to the community as needed, ensuring both community members and family can rest easier knowing care is always available if needed.

Edgemere is also a Life Care community. This distinction includes its own set of benefits, including a full continuum of care for those looking to take advantage of best-in-class health care throughout their retirement. In addition to providing priority access to health services, this approach can offer cost savings over the long term versus paying the market rate for care.

Senior Independent Living Alternatives

Many seniors find themselves needing to choose between independent living and assisted living. At Edgemere, both options are available. For those who wish to take advantage of our Life Care services, the transition between the two options is a seamless one if needed.

What To Know About Independent Living in Texas

For adults planning their retirement in Texas, there are a number of important considerations to make before a move. To ensure the best retirement experience, it’s important to choose the right location for you. This includes not just the services and amenities offered, but also the financial aspects of your living arrangements.

Community Benefits

Choosing the best retirement community for your lifestyle is highly individualized. Community life can vary greatly from one location to the next, which is why it’s important to take a tour of any prospective community ahead of time if you can. You’ll want to review everything from the residences available to the dining and wellness options on site.

Cost Considerations

Cost plays a major role in any retirement planning decision. It’s important to understand any fees involved up front, so be sure to select a community that’s transparent and willing to answer questions about their services.

Keep in mind that costs may change over time, as well. Your needs today may not be the same as your needs in the future, and it’s important to account for factors like rising healthcare costs. One way to attenuate the effects of these increases is to look for programs like Life Care. While this program may have higher entrance fees initially, the cost savings over a longer period of time can be significant.

Preparing for a Move

Once research and planning have been completed, the actual logistics of a move can seem daunting. However, by planning ahead of time, you can reduce your stress and streamline your move. Here are some tips for downsizing before a move to senior living.

Discover the Benefits of Independent Living in Dallas

If you’re looking for a distinct and exceptional senior living experience, look no further than Edgemere. Don’t take our word for it, though. See what our community members have to say about life here.

If you have any questions about Edgemere, Life Care or your senior living options in general, feel free to contact us. A helpful member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible with answers to your questions.