Father and son have a conversation at the dining room table.

What You Need to Know About Moving Your Parents to Edgemere Independent Living

There are always questions when it comes time to move your parents into an independent senior living community. Not just from your parents, but you will have questions of your own, as well. How do I find the community that best fits them? Will they feel accepted there? What level of care do they both need? Can I afford the type of care that is best for them?

You need look no further for answers. We certainly hope you’ll consider Edgemere for your parents, but even if we’re not the right fit for them, we hope to at least be able to provide you with the information you need to find the community where they’ll feel comfortable.

Help your parents understand independent living is a luxury

Independent living at Edgemere is not a place for your parents to simply live out the rest of their days. Our residents are still vibrant and young at heart, and they’ve come to Edgemere to take advantage of the many activities and opportunities conveniently available within our community. We’re their first choice, not a last resort. Your parents should want to come be part of our community, and you can help them see for themselves why Edgemere is the place for them.

Education is an especially important part of the process, as your parents need to be able to see and understand the benefits of independent living for themselves. It is also healthy to allow them to talk openly about their fears. Are they concerned about the financial aspect of independent living? Are they afraid of losing their independence? Are they fearful they won’t fit in with the community? Create an environment where your parents feel comfortable opening up about their fears, so that you can provide them with guidance and reassurance.

Find a warm and welcoming community

Once you  are aligned with your parents on the future of their living arrangements, exploring their options for independent living is the next step. They are going to have their own unique wants and needs, but we can attest that there is a universal desire among older adults to find a senior retirement community where they will feel like they belong. Find a community where the residents are friendly and inviting to newcomers, because socialization is essential. We’ve seen it firsthand at Edgemere, where our residents have become our greatest asset.

You will also want to find an independent living community that promotes an active lifestyle for your parents. As you get older, regular physical activity leads to more independence, helps slow cognitive decline and can provide relief from depression and anxiety. Find a community that emphasizes health and wellness so that your parents can live longer and healthier. It wouldn’t hurt either to look for a location like ours that is minutes away from Dallas attractions.

Ensure your parents have access to the care they need

Not every couple who walks through our doors requires the same level of care. When one of your parents needs a greater level of care than the other, it can seem like a problem that demands two different solutions. But that is not the case at Edgemere. Here, we are fortunate to be able to provide different levels of care under one roof.

One of your parents can maintain an independent lifestyle while the other can receive the  assisted living, memory care or skilled nursing care they need without having to live in two separate communities.  This would mean living apart in two different areas of the community, but your parent in independent living would be able to visit their spouse whenever they choose. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but we can work together to determine the arrangement that best suits your parents’ needs.

Understand the financial aspect of independent living

In any conversation regarding independent living, the cost is certain to be a topic at some  point. It is certainly a critical part of the decision-making process, so make sure you understand all of the fees involved up front. At Edgemere, we understand that cost can be a stressful discussion for many families, which is why we strive to be transparent about our fees. The clearer we can make the financial picture, the less time you have to spend worrying.

When you choose to be part of our Life Care community at Edgemere, there is a one-time entrance fee that helps cover community operating expenses. Beyond that, there is a monthly fee that will depend on the size of your parents’ residence, the number of occupants and  the services offered to them. Services range from utilities and maintenance to priority lifetime access to our on-site health services center.

Our goal is for our fees to be surprise free — and that should be your goal, too.

Take advantage of resources to aid the moving process

Downsizing is never easy. It can be especially difficult when you are moving your parents out of a family home they’ve shared for many years. The moving process is already physically and emotionally taxing without having to say goodbye to a house full of cherished memories. But you don’t have to go through it alone. Our on-site move-in coordinator will be more than happy to assist in this process. We can also connect you with a third-party contractor that specializes in providing moving assistance for older adults and their families. They have the resources and expertise to guide you through the process and help your parents sort, organize and pack the belongings that will be used to furnish their new home.

Try to also help your parents keep in mind that their new independent living apartment is theirs to make their own. Each apartment in our community is unique and customizable, so they won’t be walking into a cookie cutter living space. The moving process is an opportunity for them to determine how they want to shape their new apartment and make it feel like home.

If you think Edgemere sounds like a place your parents could call home, let’s talk. Fill out the form below or give us a call at 214-265-9100.