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You Know People Live Here Because of the Exceptional Lifestyle.

But did you know that even more made the choice because of Life Care?

An independent lifestyle when you want it, Life Care when you need it—that’s the Edgemere difference. Life Care essentially guarantees you health care for life at predictable rates. With Life Care, you pay an upfront entrance fee for your residence, which is 90% refundable—a substantial way to preserve your assets. After that, you pay monthly maintenance fees, covering ongoing services. With Life Care, those monthly fees include unlimited use of our health care services. What’s more, they remain stable and predictable—especially compared to paying the ever-rising cost of long-term care.

More than 2,500 Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) offer Life Care, serving more than 600,000 residents throughout the U.S. It’s the sensible alternative to long-term care insurance: providing you with a wonderful independent lifestyle, giving you substantial estate protection and shielding you from the draining cost of pay-as-you-go care.

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