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Need Help Talking to Your Parents About Retirement Planning in Dallas, TX?

Don't talk about nursing homes! Talk about living.

To start your parents on the road to a fulfilling retirement, start discussing retirement options with them as soon as possible. New approaches to “aging in place” means that people stay at Edgemere as they age—they never have to go to nursing homes or leave their comfortable residence in our community in Dallas, TX.

“I wish I’d done this years ago.”
That’s something we hear again and again from our residents—and an important point if you’re concerned about older parents. The time to begin the conversation is sooner rather than later:

  • While they’re in good health and able to take full advantage of the fun and active lifestyle of our community
  • While they have time to plan a smooth transition
  • While they can qualify for the Life Care option, assuring them health care services for life, no matter what health issues may arise in the future. That includes guaranteed access to our Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing or Memory Care residences. (People who come to Edgemere with an immediate need for these services get the same superb care, but can’t qualify for the full benefits of Life Care. Instead we offer a monthly service fee without an entrance fee).

A truly carefree retirement begins when your parents can put their worries aside and enjoy life. The worst time to make a decision is when your parents are facing a health crisis. “My own experience,” says SQLC founder and CEO Charlie Brewer, “is that the cost of dealing with a serious problem like dementia can be enormous—far beyond what people anticipate.”

Call (214) 265-9100 to schedule a visit to The Plaza. It will change the way you and your parents think about health care.

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