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Rehabilitation: Physical, Occupational, Cognitive and
Speech Therapies

The Plaza offers comprehensive rehabilitative therapy services to help you regain mobility, speech, balance and the skills necessary to maintain your highest level of independence. All residents are evaluated prior to admission to set therapy outcome goals and ensure that the most effective therapy regimens are implemented. Our care staff works with the resident and families to set goals and expectations, and will schedule additional meetings as necessary to talk about progress and potential discharge plans/dates.

For post-acute care admissions following joint replacement surgery, a stroke, a fall, or a debilitating illness we offer the strength training, nutritional dining and hands-on professional nursing and rehabilitative care required to regain health and independence.

  • Physical Therapy to regain strength, mobility and ambulation
  • Occupational Therapy to rebuild the skills necessary for performing daily activities of living
  • Cognitive Therapy to rebuild cognitive pathways and mental acuity
  • Speech Therapy to regain speech and language skills, as well as other oral-motor skills such as swallowing

Two residency options for added flexibility:

  • The Life Care plan gives Independent Living residents priority access to The Plaza at little or no additional cost
  • Move directly into the Plaza on a monthly fee basis, with no entrance fee
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